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    廣東成人高考網 發布時間:2018-07-13 17:09:54


    2. 提綱型:書信體(P204-210)第3、4、7、12、14、段


    Step 1.  認真審題,確定體裁為書信體。

    Step 2.  將已知信息單句逐句進行解讀,注意中英文表達方式上的差異,通過各種方法解釋不能拼寫的詞。

    Step 3.  打草稿,注意檢查人稱,時態方面的錯誤。盡可能用簡單句式以減少出錯的概率。

    Step 4.  將單句重新排序,表達完整,注意句子與句子之間的過渡詞。

    Step 5.  工整謄抄答案。


    On July 26th ,Dad, Mum I flew to Beijingfrom New York\went toBeijingfromNew Yorkby plane. InBeijing, we borrowed three bikes cycled to theSummerPalace,Tiananmen Squarethe Palace Museum\Forbidden City. We also climbed the Great Wall.We have taken a lot of pictures here (I ’ll show you when I ’m back).

    Tomorrow we are flying to Shanghai\going toShanghaiby plane, we are staying there for two days. After that we’ll return\go (back) home fromShanghai.

    I’ve bought some small gifts for you I’m sure you’ll like them.

    提綱型: 短文體

    3. 提綱型短文體(P206-210)第5、6、8、10、15


    Step 1.  認真審題,理解題目要求。

    Step 2.  將已知信息單句逐句進行解讀,選擇與文章閱讀對象一致的人稱。

    Step 3.  打草稿,注意檢查人稱,時態方面的錯誤。盡可能用簡單句式以減少出錯的概率。

    Step 4.  將單句重新排序,表達完整,注意句子與句子之間的過渡詞。

    Step 5.  工整謄抄答案。


    (Ladies gentlemen. Attention please). Here we are at the foot of the Great Wall. It is the longest wall in the world has a history of over 2,000years. It is one of the wonders of the world. We will spend two a half hours here. It’s 9 o’clock now. We ’ll leave here at 1130. The bus will be waiting for you at the entrance. Please remember the bus number be back on time. (Besides\By the way), Please take your valuable things (with you) shut\close all the windows before you get off.

    (Have a good time!)





    提示:假設你是李華, 你的朋友Peter將來中國旅行,請寫信邀請他來你家鄉游玩,應包含下內容:

    1.交通: 飛機或火車,機場有45路公交, 在最后一站下車, 如坐火車你將去車站接;

    2. 活動內容: 到附近的島上玩, 游泳、跑步、爬山、吃海鮮。


    1. 開頭和結尾已為你寫好;

    2. 詞數為100左右。


    Dear Peter,

    I am really excited to know that you’ll come to Chinafor summer holidays. I hope you’ll come to visit my hometown.You can either fly or take a train to come here when you’re in the country\You can come to my hometown by plane or by train when you get toChina. Both the airport train station are not far from my home. From the airport you can take Bus No.45. Please get off at the last stop. If you come by train, I’ll meet you at the train station.

    During your stay\After you arrive at my hometown, we can visit the islands nearby. (They are very beautiful in summer.) We can go swimming in the sea, running along the seaside climbing the hills there. The seafood is wonderful\delicious on the islands. I am sure you’ll like it.

    Let me know your travel plan when you have one. I am looking forward to seeing you again, in my hometown.


                                                                     Li Hua 



    Step 1.  審清題意,確定為書信體。

    Step 2.  打草稿,注意寫作格式。

    Step 3.  對照提綱核對草稿是否表達完整。。

    Step 4.  工整謄抄答案。


    N0.22 Xiang Shan Road

    Haidian District

    Beijing, 100093

    March 11, 2009


    Dear Sir or Madam,

    1.I would like to apply for the position of an English teacher in your college which was advertised in China Daily on March the 10th, 2009.

    2.I graduated fromBeijingForeignLanguagesUniversityin 1998. I have been teaching English since then. I trust that I am capable of doing the work well. 3.I enclose a brief resume of my life history as you required. Just let me know if you want an interview.

    4.I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you appreciate your consideration of my application.


                                           Yours faithfully

                                           Wang Dong