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    廣東成人高考網 發布時間:2018-07-13 17:10:49






    1.A. climbB. jobC. disturbD. club答案:A解析:A 項中 b 不發音,其他項里b 都發本音。2.A. sweaterB. meantC. pleasureD. pleased答案:D解析:A, B, C三個選項的單詞中ea 都發/e/, D項的單詞中ea發/i:/3.A. drunkB. dustyC. dutyD. drug答案:C解析:A, B, D三個選項的單詞中u發/ ? /; C項中發/ju:/.4.A. breatheB. nothingC. clothesD. weather答案:B解析:A, C, D三個選項的單詞中th 都發/ &eth; /, B項的單詞中發/θ/5.A. proveB. rose  C. wrote    D. broke答案:A解析:B, C, D三個選項的單詞中o都發/ ?u /, A項的單詞中發/u /。







    6. Regular exercise can          you against heart disease.A. fightB. protect  C. keep  D. support答案:B解析:詞義辨析, 聽講座錄音。7. Over a hundred people expressed their worries, but         were willing to help.A. some  B. manyC. few       D. little答案:C解析:不定代詞的用法,聽講座錄音。8. You can't do anything else until you         your homework.A. finished              B. will finishC. have finishedD. had finished答案:C解析:時態辨析,聽講座錄音。9. First draw a line         the middle of the page. Then write a word in the space above the lineA. acrossB. overC. betweenD. within答案:A解析:介詞的用法,聽講座錄音。10, The manager had Ms. Brunell         the new assistant around yesterday.A. to show  B. showed  C. showingD. show答案:D解析:非謂語動詞中某些動詞賓補省略to的用法,聽講座錄音。11. Send for a doctor quickly. The man       .A. will dieB. is dying    C. dies    D. died答案:B解析:時態辨析,聽講座錄音。12. I enjoy listening to Miss White, my English teacher,     ,I can only understabout half of what she says.A. whenB. becauseC. ifD. though答案:D解析:關聯詞的用法,聽講座錄音。13. The bag is very heavy. Come lend me a hand,         ?A. should youB. do you  C. can you   D. will you答案:D解析:祈使句的反意疑問形式,聽講座錄音。14. After working for two hours, I found     impossible to complete the paper in time.A. me  B. thisC. that    D. it答案:D解析:形式賓語的用法,聽講座錄音。15. It was very kind of you to clean the office, though you       .A. needn't doB. wouldn't haveC. didn't have toD. mustn't have done答案:C解析:情態動詞的辨析,聽講座錄音。16. The faster anything goes up into the sky,        .A. it reaches the highestB. it reaches the higherC. the highest it reachesD. the higher it reaches答案:D,解析:形容詞比較級的特殊結構,聽講座錄音。17. Joe took his friends there by a shortcut,         reduced the drive from 50 minutes to 15.A. whereB. whichC. thatD. what答案:B解析:定語從句的引導詞辨析,聽講座錄音。18.         there like that, you remind me of your father.A. To sitB. Being sittingC. SittingD. Sit答案:C解析:非謂語動詞中分詞作狀語的用法,聽講座錄音。19. He told me that the number of students to be admitted        at that time.A. had not been decided on  B. were not decided onC. has not been decided onD. are not decided on答案:A解析:時態辨析,聽講座錄音。20. Jack told his daughter that she could have         she wanted for Christmas.A. whichB. whateverC. thatD. whenever答案:B解析:賓語從句的引導詞辨析,聽講座錄音。