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    廣東成人高考網 發布時間:2018-12-25 15:23:57


    不定代詞包括both, either, neither, all, none, no, one, each, every, few, a few, little, a little, many, much, some, any, other, another, 以及some, any, no, every構成的合成代詞。

    (一)both, either, neither

    both 表示“兩者(都)”,either表示“(兩者之中)任何一個”,neither表示“(兩者之中)沒有一個”。三個詞在句子中都可以作主語、賓語、定語,both還可以作同位語。

    My sister is good at planning her time so that she always has enough time for both work play。(be good at 擅長做某事)

    Neither of the answers is right。

    Either of the books belongs to you。

    You I are both to blame。

    You both agreed to stay。

    Both 放在實意動詞前,系動詞be 的后面。


    疑問代詞包括what, which, who, whom, whose, 可以用來構成特殊疑問句,也可以引導名詞從句。 What, which, who在句子中作主語或賓語,whom作賓語,whose作定語。如:

    Who is speaking? (主語)

    Which do you prefer, the yellow one or the white one? (賓語)

    Whats your sister?(表語)

    The man who is talking with my mother is an engineer。(引導定從句)

    The old man whose son is studying abroad is our formal dean of the department. (引導定從句)

    This is the plane which will fly to Wuhan this afternoon. (引導定從句)

    I dont remember whom I have lent my dictionary to. (引導賓語從句)

    疑問代詞what, which, who, whom后面可以加ever來加重語氣。如:

    Whoever can be calling at this time of the night ?誰這么深更半夜來找人?

    Ill say whatever comes into my head。

    Take whichever book you like。




    Please help yourself to some tea。(賓語)

    The boy is too young to look after himself。(賓語)

    Ill be myself again in no time。(表語)

    The desk itself is not so heavy. (同位語)

    I fixed the door myself. (同位語)


    指示代詞包括this, that, these, those 和such,在句子中可以作主語、定語、表語、賓語等(such不作賓語)。

    that和those有時分別用來代表前面提到的不可數名詞和名詞復數,以避免重復。而可數名詞單數往往用the one 或that one 來代替。用the one 的時候更多一些。如:

    These machines are better than those we turned out last year. 生產

    The oil output of this year is much higher than that of last year. 產量

    The best wine is that from France。

    My room is lighter than the one next door。

    Ill take the seat next to the one by the window。

    The film is more funny than that one。

    that 可以指上面提到的事情,this指下面要談的事情。如:

    They have no time to read the books. Thats their trouble。

    She was ill yesterday. Thats why she was absent。

    I want to know this: How much money we have left?

    What I want to say is this: Pronunciation is very important in learning English。

    this 和that 有時還可以用來表示程度。如:

    I dont want that much。

    He is not that wise。

    The book is about this thick。